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Start Your Business for a Longevity

Starting a business in the U.S. seems fairly simple. You can literally set up a company in a few hours. However, you should not treat it as lightly as the easy steps on the government site.

A lot of thoughts need to be put in to ensure the longevity of your new business. We will provide you with the support you need in EACH STEP of the journey.

Form the Business Entity the Right Way


The first step of starting a business is to form the right entity. However, with the options available and the number of parties you need to deal with, business starters get confused easily. We can help to demystify by:

  • Recommending the entity type that best fits your needs
  • Registering the company in a fully compliant way
  • Providing assistance in Operating Agreement & Registered Agent

Setup A Structure For Maximum 税 Savings


You need to consider your business tax savings from DAY ONE. It will be too late to employ tax strategies at the time of tax filing. We will set your business up for tax savings from the start.

  • Advisory on business account setup & management
  • Best bookkeeping practice sharing to maximize your tax deduction
  • Payroll system or service recommendation for a new business

Protect Your Business From Potential Risks


Risk management is usually a neglected area by business starters. Business insurance is worth considering for startups of any size and in any industry. We would provide you with the support needed to manage business risks.

  • Assessment on the necessity of insurance for the business
  • Suggestions on business Liability Coverage
  • Property Protection plan for any physical or virtual properties

Find Commercial Space for Your New Business


For many business starters, finding the right space for their business with a right price is crucial for their business' long-term success. We provide various resources & advisories to help you find a viable space for your business.

  • Space search for offices/retail/industrial
  • Business location analysis
  • Commercial lease negotiation
  • Commercial space insurance advisory

Plan for Your Business to Grow


Your new business might grow sooner than you expect. To be well prepared for that, you would need to have a plan crafted for each key driver of the business' long-term success. We would love to offer you accompaniment and advisory along the ride.

  • Day-to-day accounting assistance
  • Business tax preparation & advisory
  • Employee benefits & retention plans
  • Owner's Retirement Planning

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Start Your Business For A Long-Term Growth With A Versatile CPA

  • Holistic Service & Advisory For Your Startup

    We are CPAs with expertise in insurance, retirement planning and more. This versatility allows us to help business starters set up their businesses in a way that's best prepared for the long-term growth.

  • Fast Speed, Thorough Process

    Our CPAs are fast and responsive to file your new business in a timey manner, and yet go through a deliberately designed process to provide you with the extensive help you would need for your new business.

  • Serve Business Starters Nationally & Internationally

    We serve business starters from different locations and with different residence status. No matter which state you are from, and what nationality you hold, we have a solution for you!

The Real Story - See How We Helped a Small Business From Start to Success

Irina Kudina is the owner of IK Gymnastics LLC, one of the most renowned gymnasiums in Chicago, IL. This story, illustrated from the business owner's perspective, is about how we helped Irina to grow her business throughout the entire journey from business formation to fruition.

Irina Kudina, owner of IK Gymnastics LLC.

Irina Kudina, owner of IK Gymnastics LLC.

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